about the wdvltalk-social mailing list

This list was created as an offshoot from the wdvltalk mailing list owned by the great folks at wdvl.com. It was created to allow all the list "regulars" to discuss things which would have been off-topic on the main list. The crew at WDVL kindly allowed us to use the WDVL name without problems.

The list currently has around 80 members, and can get lively, but the email volume is never overwhelming. The topics of discussion vary very widely - pretty much anything goes here, and there's only a few rules. We don't need a big set of rules for this list - everyone gets on well, and anyone who causes trouble will be removed.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Dave Precious, the list "owner" and moderator. I say "owner" in quotes because the list is owned by all the regulars - I was just the one who decided to accept the responsibility of creating and maintaining the list. It's not much of a task to maintain the list - generally everyone is well behaved, I don't have to reprimand anyone, and pretty much everyone looks after themselves and each other. I'm happy to be able to run this list as a service to all the members. The list started out on Yahoo Groups, but I then moved it to a list hosted by spunge.org, giving us full control and no adverts. The list has just been moved again, this time to my own server, running MailMan, giving us a faster, more reliable list server with more features.